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What Internet Services Do you need?

I can offer some internet services at a very low rate.

Why? Because I have fun creating.

Below are some of my certifications.

Just email or visit the feedback page.


I can create websites or single web pages.

Below are some examples of websites I've created. Just follow the links. Also, unless otherwise noted I created the banners.


I can create any size banner you wish here are some examples of ones I have created:


Flash Animation

I have lots of fun getting creative with Macromedia Flash.

Here are some examples:

This requires the shockwave plug in
You must have the shockwave plug-in to view this item

Ace Frehley
(warning there is a guitar riff with this one.)
Click the above link to view this Flash animation of Ace Frehley of KISS. This was just for fun.


Do you Squidoo? Get Firefox!

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Above are some of my sponsors and some sites I think you might be interested in. Some will help keep this site alive and others are just fun sites. If you would like to have your banner here just get in touch with me through the many ways I have provided. Oh yeah, there's e-mail also.