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Welcome to Gil T's Pleasures.

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This website is designed to fit the eclectic needs of Gil T. Wilson. He is a quality voiceover artist and an internet hobbyist. Gil T. is also the night guy at a midwestern radio station (WAKO 103.1 FM & 910 AM). And this site will promote the many contests and needs of that extraordinary show.

Gil T. Wilson is a voice over talent unlike any other. Click on the "Voice" button on the left to find out more about getting quality voicework for your needs. Whether it's message on hold or commercial voicing, Gil T. can do it. He. is also a great copywriter. Just click on the "Voice" button and be prepared to be amazed.

Okay so what is an internet hobbyist? Well, Gil T. has been surfing the web / internet since web just a bunch of modems and text at that time. He started creating websites when as Operations manager for a radio station in 1997, he decided it was time to promote the radio station on the web. From that point on he has been experimenting with all sorts of internet tools and programming. Mostly for fun but also to provide an income. We all need to have food, clothing and shelter and let's just say, that the internet is the snack in the afternoon while a real job covers the rest.


We will also have some fun:

Yes this site is designed for fun and games as well as helping stamp out the poverty of Gil T. Wilson.

You can sign up for different newsletters, play games and get hints for the contests on WAKO. Oh yeah, and you can communicate with others. We have a guestmap (not a guestbook). The guestmap not only allows you to post your message that you were here, but you can also put an icon on the place on the map where you are from.

So keep coming back and find out what's new. This site will change daily.

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